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Data Entry Services in Different Languages

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What I am going to express in this post now, might not go down well with some people who might even consider it downright offensive, but I must speak out on this because this is related to Dharma & Justice for millions of our fellow Indians. There is something called moral right & morality. When someone fails to keep up their promise in a certain issue, they lose the moral right to preach the other person in that issue.

Let me come to the point now.

  • When 3 language formula was formulated in 1968, it clearly laid the rules that South Indian states (let’s call it SI states for simplicity) must learn Hindi as 3rd language, and North Indian states (NI states) must learn any one of the South Indian languages as 3rd language.
  • SI schools implemented it sincerely. I studied in Karnataka, and I had Hindi as 3rd language. I know friends from Kerala & Andhra also who have studied Hindi as 3rd language as per the 1968 guidelines of the 3-language formula agreement/promise.

But not even a single school in NI states implemented the 3 language formula with a South Indian language as their 3rd language over the last 5 decades. They clearly failed to keep up this promise of 1968.

Why? They can give hundreds of excuses for it, but they had agreed it in 1968. Then why did they break the promise? Due to the fact that NI states have broken their promise, they actually lose their moral right to preach anything to SI states over these language issues. It sounds so hypocritical when both sides first agree to learn 3 languages, but one side breaks the promise, to learn only 2 languages, but then preaches the other side when they also want to drop 1 language & learn only 2 languages.

Let me illustrate with a hypothetical example:

Assume Verma is living in a NI state, and Venkat is living in a SI state like Karnataka.

Verma learns his state language Hindi as first language.
Venkat learns his state language Kannada as first language.

Verma learns English as second language.
Venkat learns English as second language.

Till here, it seems to be balanced, right?

But now look at what happens.
As per the 1968 three-language formula agreement, Venkat is supposed to learn Hindi as 3rd language. Is that followed? Yes. Venkat learns Hindi as 3rd language, as per the 1968 agreement. But the same agreement says that Verma should learn any South Indian language as his 3rd language. But, is that followed? No. In fact, it is clearly violated. The promise is broken. It betrays trust. In some schools in NI states, Sanskrit is taught as 3rd language, but the 3-language formula committee in 1968 had clearly mentioned that since Sanskrit is usually being taught in the schools in the same script as that of Hindi, the student should actually be taught another language which has different script, so that he also puts equal efforts to learn 3 different languages & 3 different scripts. But that is clearly being violated.

So, effectively, a South Indian student learns 3 language scripts in his school. But a North Indian student learns only 2 languages scripts in his school. This is against Dharma itself because one side is being given generous concession and the other side is being overloaded/burdened. Moreover, this is actually a clear case of betrayal of trust because the promise is broken.

For how long can this go on? I don’t know.
Is this sustainable? No. One-sided policies & implementations have never been sustainable in the long run.
Some day, South Indians will start demanding: Why this unevenness? Why there is no level playing field. One day, they will question this injustice. Maybe after 5 years? Or after 10 years? I don’t know, but they will definitely ask this question. They will ask us “If all Indians are equal, why this injustice then? Why should Venkat learn 3 language scripts as per 1968 agreement but Verma learns only 2 language scripts, violating the 1968 agreement. Why?”
When they ask that question, what answer can we give them? There is large language disproportion in Indian States but when it comes to catering the needs of a US client for providing servers like data entry services companies in India they forget this language unevenness.

When such is the situation, the NI states which have clearly broken their promise and refused to learn a 3rd language as per the 1968 agreement, do not actually have any moral right to question or preach preaching SI states on this issue now, by asking them why they are opposing something or why they are not learning or accepting the 3rd language, etc in their own states. But still, after breaking their promise & not having the moral right, if they still preach on this issue, then the day when SI states will question this injustice, would probably not be too far.


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