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Many Pokémon Go lovers try to learn the tricks and techniques of the game after they open a Pokemon Go account to do well in the game. Some experienced players also sell their Pokémon Go account after they reach a higher level to fetch some money to clear their debts or may be work commitment which doesn’t allow them to spare time to play the game.

Well, many players who are used to the game often feel that all that is important is the CP in the game, which is not true. Yes, it is not always necessary and these combat points make a difference and a good sign of how your Pokémon is going to perform in the battle. Well, the performance of your Pokémon in the battle also depends on the Individual values stats or what we call is IVS and it directly contributes to the power of any creature in the game.

Of course, it is a good idea to catch a plenty of Pokémon as possible, even when you already have a particular creature. The key point that you should consider is that though the CP is important along with the moves of Pokémon in a battle, it still doesn’t clearly state the whole story and you may end up with a less powerful Pokémon that you may have expected, once you get into the process of evolving.

Luckily, the online calculator available helps you identify whether a particular Pokémon is worth to train and evolve it. Also the moves are quite important. All of the Pokémon possess two attacks they can utilize for gym battles.

If you catch say two Pokémon out of which one owns a higher CP, don’t rush to trade the creature with lower CP.  First monitor the moves for both the Pokémon and if the Pokémon with lower CP has powerful moves, then it is worth keeping it.

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